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Country Woman's Club of Campbell

Country Woman's Club of Campbell


Service Club

About Us

We have a variety of events each year, ranging from guest speakers, holiday events, art competitions, and musical performances.

Our campaigns bring support for everyone in Campbell, from women’s shelters to the future leaders of America. Join us today!

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Our organization, known as the Country Woman’s Club of Campbell, had its beginning early in January, 1905. At that time, a small group of women interested in the improvement of their town and the development of themselves, met in one of their homes and formulated plans for a club.

Articles of Incorporation, dated January 19, 1905, were drawn up. Purposes of the organization were stated and remain to this day:

To increase kindly fellowship.

To encourage high thought and free speech upon all matters of general interest

To foster worthy talent in our midst

To aid community and educational projects such as a library and scholarships


Rep/Contact Info

Ruth Ann Boesch
Darla Forbes
Lillian Kanzaki